MPJE Exam Preparation

Proper preparation is the key to passing the MPJE Pharmacy Law Exam. The first steps towards your preparation are to familiarize yourself the basic structure of the test and to review some important study tips.

The MPJE Exam consists of 90 questions, although only 60 of these will actually count towards your final score. The remaining 30 questions are evaluation questions which are being considered for future versions of the test. There is no way to know which questions will count and which ones are evaluation questions, so it is critical to treat every question seriously. The questions will cover federal pharmacy laws and regulations as well as state laws specific to the state in which you are applying for licensure. Federal and state laws are intermingled throughout the test, and it is important to be familiar with both.

A score of 75 is required to pass the test, which is not easy to obtain since the questions are fairly challenging. There are 3 major areas covered: pharmacy practice, licensure, and regulatory structure. The vast majority of the questions will be on pharmacy practice, so this is the area that you should focus your efforts on.

When studying for the MPJE, you will want to split your time evenly between federal and state laws. Print out and review all major statutes, and get a good MPJE study guide that highlights the most important pharmacy regulations. When you begin to feel that you have a strong grasp on the material it is time to try some practice tests. A great place to start is with Best Test Review’s free MPJE practice exam. You should spend several hours working through the practice questions in your study guide and the ones available online. Whenever you get a question wrong, make sure you review the applicable laws and regulations in order to understand exactly why your answer was incorrect. After you are comfortable with the questions on your practice exams, then you know you are prepared for the actual test.

Keep in mind that the MPJE Exam is a computerized test. After each question appears on the screen, you will only have one chance to carefully review the question and the answers. You will not be permitted to skip a question and come back to it later, and you will not be permitted to change an answer. The key is to relax, take a deep breath, and try your best to pick the right answer. If you have no idea what the answer is, just make an educated guess and move on. Getting stressed out about difficult questions will only cause you to worry and will almost certainly hurt your performance.

With proper MPJE preparation you will have no trouble passing the exam on your first try. So make sure you study hard, try plenty of practice questions, and stay relaxed during the exam. Your passing score will put you one step closer to a great career in pharmacy.

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