Series 6 Study Guide

The Series 6 Exam is challenging, and if you want to pass it on your first attempt you will want to get the best Series 6 study materials that are available. There are a lots of study guides to choose from, so don’t waste your time and money with a poorly written book. Our listing only includes the Series 6 study guides that have the best reviews and highest ratings. These are the 3 study guides we recommend:

Series 6 Exam Textbook. This book is part of the excellent study guide series from Empire Training, and is without a doubt one of the best Series 6 book on the market. It covers all topics very clearly and thoroughly while focusing only on information that you need to know for the exam. Includes 5 practice exams with 100 questions each.

Pass the 6: A Plain English Explanation to Help You Pass. This Series 6 study guide by Robert Walker does a fantastic job of explaining all the important concepts in a clear and often humorous manner. The book is very readable and uses plenty of real life examples. Over the years this Series 6 book has always maintained a 5-star rating at Amazon with lots of great reviews.

Wiley Series 6 Exam Review 2016 + Test Bank. This new Series 6 study guide from Wiley is another option. Though not quite as popular as the others, it still includes a very thorough review of all the key exam topics. Also includes dozens of examples, 199 practice questions, and test-taking strategies.

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