Best Series 65 Study Guides

Passing the Series 65 exam is a requirement by most states for individuals who want to act as investment advisers. The exam was developed by NASAA and is administered by FINRA, and with 140 questions it is fairly challenging. Make sure you get a high quality Series 65 study guide and spend plenty of time on your test prep. These are the study guides that we recommend:

Achievable Series 65. This is the highest rated online course for the Series 65 Exam. It uses adaptive learning which monitors your progress and adjusts the questions to focus on the topics that you need improvement on. An online textbook is included along with hundreds of practice questions. Achievable’s students have a 95% pass rate, and they offer a money-back guarantee. This is the easiest and most effective way to prepare for your test.

Securities Institute of America. This excellent Series 65 self-study course has been fully updated for 2024. It includes 13 hours of video training and a 516-page textbook. The course also features simulated final exams with a test bank of 1,900 practice questions. Their Greenlight Guarantee provides a full refund if you don’t pass. This is another great option!

Series 65 Exam Textbook. The Empire Stockbroker Training Institute is well known for their high quality review books, and this Series 65 study guide is no exception. Includes course material, chapter quizzes, illustrations, glossary of terms, exam tips, and 4 practice exams with explanations.

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