Series 7 Study Guide

The key to passing your exam having the right Series 7 study guide. There are plenty of review books available, but only a few of them are worth getting. To pass this exam you will need to study extensively with the best Series 7 study materials that you can get. These are the best Series 7 study guides:

Achievable Series 7. This is the highest rated online course for the Series 7 Exam. It uses adaptive learning which monitors your progress and adjusts the questions to focus on the topics that you need improvement on. An online textbook is included along with thousands of practice questions. Achievable’s students have a 97% pass rate, and they offer a money-back guarantee. This is the easiest and most effective way to prepare for your test.

Series 7 Exam For Dummies. This is the brand new Series 7 study guide written by Steven Rice. The original Series 7 For Dummies has always been one of the highest-rated study guides available, but it got outdated. This new version covers every exam topic with the same plain-English explanations. There are 3 practice exams in the book and 6 more available online. A great resource for a great price!

Series 7 Exam Secrets Study Guide. This Exam Secrets study guide from Mometrix is another great option to consider. It’s a little shorter and really focuses in on the most critical information. It also includes lots of practice questions and exam strategies. Get the standard book or the downloadable ebook if you want to start studying right away. Overall, a great Series 7 book.

Wiley Series 7 Exam Review 2020 + Test Bank. If you are looking for the most thorough Series 7 review material, this 640-page book from Wiley is the one for you. It provides hundreds of examples and challenging practice questions along with test-taking tips and strategies.

More Series 7 Resources: