Kentucky Pharmacy Law Practice Exam

The Kentucky Pharmacy Law Exam is part of the MPJE test for becoming a licensed pharmacist in the state of Kentucky. The MPJE Exam for Kentucky will have an equal number of questions covering both state and federal laws. Below is a free practice exam for Kentucky Pharmacy Law.

Kentucky Pharmacy Law Questions:

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Question 1
The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy consists of:

Six licensed pharmacists.
Five licensed pharmacists and 1 citizen at large, who is not associated with pharmacy.
Four licensed pharmacists, 1 citizen at large not associated with pharmacy, and 1 pharmaceutical representative.
However many members the Governor decides to appoint.
Question 1 Explanation: 
The board consists of six members appointed by the Governor. Five must be licensed pharmacists and one must not have any association or financial interest in pharmacy.
Question 2
How often must a pharmacist renew their Kentucky pharmacy license?

Every year.
Every 2 years.
Every 3 years.
Every 4 years.
Question 2 Explanation: 
Every Kentucky Pharmacy License expires each year on February 28th.
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